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How do you want your New Year to be?

How do you want your days to be in this coming New Year? Are you keeping quiet when someone's behaviour disrespects you? Anything for a quiet life? Being kind doesn't mean constantly putting up with other people's issues. If you don't speak up you will start your own internal war with yourself. If you don't speak up you become an enabler. Set your boundaries, let people know what's acceptable. If they love you they'll stay and work on themselves, if they go then they're probably too damaged to be ready to make changes, or they just lack empathy, let them go anyway, you deserve better. Start respecting yourself more, start being kind to yourself. Whoever is in your life, the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. Don't let anyone take away your peace of mind. Don't give away your power. Keep looking upwards at the stars and forwards toward a bright and happy future. Keep dreaming and keep believing in magic. xx

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