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Angel Bright is a beautiful fable of love and hope for children of all ages.

Lost and far from home on a cold and frosty Christmas Eve, Angel Bright

meets the mysterious Reader of Cards who tells her that there is only one

person who can show her the way back home-but she has only twelve

hours to find the enigmatic Moonchild or all will be lost.

Joined by her new friend Willow, a three-legged dog, they set off on a

perilous journey through the dark and dangerous forest ,where they

encounter unforgettable characters like Frost, Crow and Firefly; as well as

a formidable foe who will stop at nothing to steal her light.

Follow the little angel as she learns many lessons and sheds tears of

sadness and joy on her magical quest, but she will shine her light and

follow her own path as she touches the hearts of everyone she meets.

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Listen to a snippet of the audiobook narrated by Cult iconic British actress

Fenella Fielding OBE

Some amazon reviews

A modern fairy tale classic

I was lucky enough to get this book as a gift. It was a surprise as it looks upon first sight a book for children, which it absolutely is, but it is so much more. This book to me is a modern fairy tale classic, it has all the elements one hopes for in a good story, humour, friendship, drama, magic, good pitched against evil. But more than that, it has heart, it filled mine with joy and brought me to tears. So excuse the pun when I say I heartily recommend this book to everyone. A great Christmas present, but an anytime of the year, rare gift of a book.

5 out of 5 stars - A beautiful read 

A beautiful story to read to the children. A powerful, moving tale with deeper meanings for the adults.
Highly recommended for all. Keep the tissues to hand, you'll need them.


5 out of 5 stars - cleverly and gently wrapped up in a beautifully enchanting little tale with the most magical of endings

What a gem of fable. Very touching. Spiritual truths and life lessons for all, cleverly and gently wrapped up in a beautifully enchanting little tale with the most magical of ending


Fantastic book. I read it to my 4 year ...

Fantastic book. I read it to my 4 year old daughter but i really enjoyed it myself. There is a message in there for all ages and also a nice feeling while reading.


Beautiful story, well written and thought provoking. The hardback edition is on my Christmas list!


Loved the Angel Bright book. It was a beautiful story portraying love, friendship and karma.


 This IS a new Christmas classic trust me! For kids and adults of all ages. A rare gift of a book .

Carry on screaming
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